Christmas Bronze Turkey

We buy our day old bronze Turkeys in June from one of the most prestigious breeders in the country, they have been selectively bred over the years to provide plump breast meat and when cooked to retain the moister (subject to a correct cooking method) so there will be no dry turkey this Christmas.

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Dolmans Farm

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Find out about our farm and the history behind our rare breed meat success.

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Traditional Catering

Traditional Catering

See our catering options from home reared hog roasts to rustic hearty low cost wedding breakfasts and a selection of homemade farmhouse desserts.

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Dolmans Raw Meats

Delivered Raw Meats

Order one of our home reared rare breed specialised meat boxes or sausages that can be delivered to your door anywhere in the UK.

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Follow Your Food Back To Its Source

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Hogroasts Bristol

Dolmans Catering, Hog Roast Specialists

We are a family run business and have been farming for over 100 years. Our family started farming in Wiltshire and in the 1950’s moved to Gloucestershire where we still farm today. We have always been a family passionate about food, we know how to grow it, we know how to prepare it, we know how to cook it and we know how to eat it.

We believe that the best meat should be reared traditionally this equates to a traditional breed, slowly grown, fed a locally sourced diet and given room to get exposure to fresh air unlike the commercially reared meat.

By buying from us you are not only supporting good animal welfare but also helping preserve our rare breed pigs nearly lost, due to consumers demand to have commercial cheap tasteless meat. It is our mission to bring back pork like your Granny used to cook. We are also members of the British pig association who keep registers of the endangered breeds see

We hope you enjoy our website and look forward to hearing from you if we can be of any help.

Phillip Dolman
Managing Director