The Farm History

Victor and Marge Dolman set up the farm with just 15 cows when they moved to Gloucestershire.

Since then the farm was forced out of dairy due to the milk prices given by retailers.

In recent years we have decided to cut out the middle man and bring a quality niche product to the market where we have control of the whole production line.

Please find below information on the different types of rare breed pigs we have. Don’t worry you won’t be eating these pigs.

Gloucester Old Spot Pigs

Gloucester Old Spot Pig

This is probably the most commonly known rare breed pig which originated from Berkeley in Gloucestershire. This breed loves routing around in apple orchards. They have a laid back personality and love their belly’s being rubbed after breakfast. They are easy to look after and have medium sized litters. Their meat has a distinctive delicious flavour which is tender and moist.

Large Black Pigs

Large Black Pig

This pig originated in the West Country and the name correctly describes the colour of the pig. It was bred in the late 1800’s by breeding a variety of local black breeds and almost became extinct just after the war. The breed is well known for having large litters and being fantastic mothers. They have very docile personalities and make delicious hams and bacon due to their leanness of fat and body structure.

Saddle back Pigs

Saddle Back Pig

A fantastic looking pig which is mainly black and has front shoulders that looks like a saddle. This breed was originally bred by crossing a Wessex and Sussex saddle back. They have a very quiet personality and enjoy routing around in soil. They are renowned for their crisp crackling when cooked.

About Dolman's Catering

All our meat is hand-reared at our family-run farm, fed on locally sourced feed and have plenty of room in which to roam.

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Our menu includes a selection of hog roasts, various choices of meat, side orders and deserts. Remember, all our menus are tailored to fit you.

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From field to fork: for examples of our food, plus events we have catered for and images of our animals, please view our image gallery.

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