How do you get good crackling?

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Firstly buy a good quality joint of pork with a little fat between the flesh of the meat and the skin.

Leave this in your fridge with no packaging on. This will allow the skin on the meat to dry out. We would never advise meat to be stored in packaging joints will always cook best once being exposed to the air.

Before roasting obtain a sharp knife or use a clean stainless Stanley knife and score the meat in any pattern you prefer, make sure your scores lightly penetrate the flesh of the meat, this will allow the cooked fats to pass over the skin.

Once the meat is scored pour a dry cider over the skin of the joint, then rub a generous portion of table salt into the meat.

Place the joint into your oven with tin foil on and cook as normal. About half hour before the meat is cooked turn the oven temperature to around 220C take your tin foil off and watch your crackling crackle.

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