Hog Roast

The hog roast provides that perfect focal point at any event or party. Guests are always fascinated by its appearance and rich pork roasting smell that floats around your venue.

This traditional medieval method of feeding people is very effective for serving large numbers of guest’s adequately. We can provide this service any time of the year and we have the equipment to either carve your hog in the garden, inside a hall or even upstairs on our special carving tray ensuring no fat or grease will spill.

Take a look at our different hog roast options as follows, we can also provide a range of side orders of salads and desserts to compliment your meal.

DIY – from £400 (click for more…)


Cooked stuffed hog, crakling and hire of our carving stand. This option provides the perfect budget hog roast where you and your guests carve the hog yourself, a great bbq alternative.


We slowly cook the hog over 12 hours in our specialised trailer at our farm. This will mean that your meat will be slowly cooked which will leave it moist and tender

We then tow the trailer to your premises arriving at you party approximately an hour before serving time. The trailer is designed to keep you hog steaming hot whilst in transport and will provide delicious crackling.

When we arrive at your party we will set up hog on our carving stand ready for you and your friends to carve.

In the morning after your event we will drop round to collect the stand.

We cook and carve – from £475 (click for more…)


Hog roast, crackling, stuffing, bread rolls, homemade apple sauce, napkins, paper plates, chef and assistant to carve.

We cook the meat offsite then deliver steaming hot in our specially designed trailer and carve in front of your guests either outside, inside or upstairs in a hall.


We slowly cook your hog at our farm for over 12 hours which will ensure your meat is moist and tender.

We then arrive at your premises approximately an hour before serving time so we can set up our carving area; if your event is outside we always bring our gazebo just in case it rains.

Around 15 minutes before your desired serving time we will start carving the meat in front of your guests and place it into a carving tray which will keep it warm.

When you are ready to eat, your guests can help themselves to as much bread and meat as desired.

After everyone has finished eating we then pack any remaining pork into a tin foil tray and leave on the side with any bread rolls for your guests to continue eating once we have gone.

What We Need From You

  • Serving area, if outside it needs to be 4 metres squared for our gazebo.
  • If outside, electric for our lights ( if this is not possible we can bring a generator).
  • Access to toilets with hand washing facilities.
  • Small amount of water for our carving tray.

We Cook Onsite and Carve – from £575 (click for more…)


Hog roast cooked onsite by our professional and assistant chef, stuffing, crackling, bread rolls, homemade apple sauce, napkins and paper plates.


We turn up at your premises approximately 7-8 hours before your serving time.

We set up our gazebo in your garden and start cooking the hog from raw in our convenient hand pull along machine which is designed to fit through small garden gateways.

The chef will then sit with the pig in your garden ensuring it is cooked properly. This means that you and your guests can watch each stage and also enjoy the rich roasting smell that will be guaranteed to make you feel hungry all afternoon.

Once the hog is cooked the chef will place the hog into carving position so all your friends can see the meat being cut.

What You Need To Supply

  • Area of flat ground outsite of around 4 metres squared
  • Access to toilets and hand washing facilities
  • Electric for lights (if not available we will bring a generator)
  • Small amount of water for our carving tray.

All of the above are served with bread and associated sauces paper plates and napkins as standard. In addition to this we can also provide a range of side orders like salad, vegetables, potatoes and desserts.

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