Quarter of Beef Roast

Why not have something a little different at your event and order a delicious slow matured and cooked beef roast.

This is a great feast for any beef lovers normally served with horse radish in a bread roll or with any of our side orders and desserts.


We slowly cooke the matured beef in our specially designed trailer over a 15 hour period to ensure the meat is cooked and will provide both well done and rare beef.

Once cooked we will then tow our trailer to your event about an hour before your serving time, the trailer is designed so the meat will not lose temperature during transport.

Once at your event there is two serving options.

DIY carve

This option is great if you are on a budget or just want to have fun carving yourself. We set you up on our carving stand, then you carve the meat and we will then collect the stand the following morning.

Full Carve service

This service means that our professional chef and assistant will carve the meat for you in front of your guests. We will also provide freshly baked rolls, horseradish, napkins and will ensure none of your guests are left hungry.

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Hog Roast Services

Hog Roast

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Wedding Breakfast

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Our BBQ sets the scene at any special event this is done by using our own meats grown on our family farm or local neighbouring farms.

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Quarter of Beef Roast Services

Quarter of Beef Roast

Why not have something a little different at your event and order a delicious slow matured and cooked beef roast.

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Mixed Joint Roast

This is a great alternative to our hog or beef roast because it gives you and your guests the option of three different meats.

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Christmas Turkeys Bristol

Christmas Turkeys

We buy our day old bronze Turkeys in June from one of the most prestigious breeders in the country, they have been selectively bred over the years to provide plump breast meat.

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